27" Samsung 7.5 Cu.Ft Dryer with Multi Steam and Steam Sanitize Plus - DVG45B6305P/AC

Model # : DVG45B6305P/AC
  • Eliminate stains without pre-treatment using Steam Wash.
  • Finish a full load in 28 minutes using the Super Speed feature.
  • Remotely control & monitor via SmartThings app

Number one in Customer Satisfaction

JD Power Award 2020*

#1 Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Clothes Dryers in the U.S., 2 Years in a Row. Samsung has received more J.D. Power Awards for Kitchen and Laundry Appliances than any other manufacturer in 2020.

A smarter way to dry


Multi Steam

Refresh and smooth out your clothes quickly without doing a full wash or dry cleaning items.

Steam Sanitize+

Prevent the buildup of bacteria and allergens on clothes and other items.

Flexible Installation

Fit in your home efficiently & flexibly

Less odor & bacteria

Multi Steam

Refresh and smooth out your clothes quickly without doing a full wash or dry cleaning items. The Multi-Steam function infuses your laundry with steam to freshen garments. It reduces odors and static, and also smooths out wrinkles in clothes*, so they need less ironing.

Sanitizes with steam

Steam Sanitize+

Prevent the buildup of bacteria and allergens on clothes and other items. The Steam Sanitize+ cycle sanitizes wet items* by infusing them with high temperature heat and injecting steam during the cycle. It removes 99.9% of germs and bacteria, more than 95% of pollen, and kills 100% of mites**.

Fit in flexibly

Flexible Installation

Make the best use of the space in your home. The washing machine and clothes dryer can be stacked vertically or placed side by side horizontally to suit the layout of your home and your lifestyle or to free-up floor space. The dryer is designed to be stackable* and will stay securely in place.

Smart drying care


Use your dryer more easily and effectively with the SmartThings App*. The Laundry Recipe recommends the best drying cycle***. The Laundry Planner optimizes your daily schedule****. A HomeCare Wizard enables roubleshooting. And Auto Cycle Link***** selects an optimal drying course after a wash.

Optimized drying

Sensor Dry

Make sure your clothes are properly dried without having to constantly check them. Sensor Dry* automatically optimizes the drying cycle time and temperature. So clothes are always thoroughly dry without being damaged. Moisture sensors prevent heat damage to the laundry and excessive energy use.

Large Capacity (7.5 cu. ft.)

Dry many more laundry items at once – saving time and effort. The clothes dryer has a large capacity of 7.5 cu. ft., so you can fit lots of clothes into a single load, including big items like a king-sized comforter. It means you need to dry fewer loads and can enjoy more time for yourself.

Smart Care

Reduce the cost and inconvenience of broken appliances. Smart Care is an automatic error-monitoring system that you can use anytime, anywhere with a smartphone App*. It detects and diagnoses problems and provides quick and easy troubleshooting solutions – saving you time and money on repairs**.

Drum Light

Empty your dryer much more easily – and never misplace another sock! The Interior Drum Light brightly illuminates your laundry and the rest of the drum. So you can quickly check the contents and make sure that you get everything out. Now you won’t overlook even the smallest item in the dark.

Reversible Door

Choose the direction the door opens to suit your laundry room layout and ensure maximum convenience. You can change which side the reversible door opens, so it fits the location, what’s around it and how you do things. And walls won’t get in the way, so you can install a dryer almost anywhere!

Lint Filter Alert

Stop worrying that lint and fluff will block the dryer’s air intake and hinder its performance. When you turn on the dryer, the display shows the Lint Filter Alert to remind you to check if it needs cleaning. So you can remove any lint in the air duct and enjoy a consistent performance.


Use the front load clothes dryer more easily. With the Samsung Riser, it is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) height requirement*. So loading and unloading is much easier. The control panel also plays a different sound for each option and has braille next to the buttons.

How to measure

Drying Capacity
Drying Capacity (cu.ft)7.5 cu.ft
Body colorPlatinum
Panel DisplayLED
Cycle time (min)75 min
Energy Star CertificationYes
DOE Energy Factor3.48 lb/kWh
Interior Drum LightYes
Smart ControlN/A
Smart MonitorYes
Smart CareYes
Reversible DoorYes
Child LockYes
Drying RackNo
Filter Check IndicatorYes
Progress IndicatorYes
Vent Exhaust (Electric/Gas)3 ways
Wrinkle PreventYes
Number of Drying Level5 EA
Number of Temp. Level5 EA
Number of Time Level5 EA
Number of Cycle12
Number of Option10
Cycle ListNormal, Heavy Duty, Bedding, Perm Press, Steam Sanitize+, Refresh, Delicates, Activewear, Quick Dry, Time Dry, Air Fluff, Downloaded
Option ListWrinkle Prevent, Eco Dry, Damp Alert, Drum Light, Adjust Time (Up), Adjust Time (Down), Smart Monitor, Child Lock (Dual Long Key), Smart Care (Long Key), Alarm Off (Long Key)
Physical specifications & size
Net Dimension (WxHxD)686 x 984 x 794 mm
Net Weight56 lb
Gross Dimension (WxHxD)746 x 1080 x 850 mm
Gross Weight59 lb
Voltage/Frequency120V/ 240V / 60Hz
Drum MaterialPowder Coat

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