LG 5.1 channel Soundbar with Dolby Audio and Rear Speakers - S60TR

Model # : S60TR

The ideal sound companion for your LG TV

Complete the LG TV experience with the soundbar that beautifully complements its design and sonic performance.


Stunning soundscapes surround you


*Screen images simulated. 


LG Soundbars complete the LG TV experience


WOW Interface

Simplicity is right at your fingertips

Access WOW Interface through your LG TV for clear and simple soundbar control, like changing sound modes, profiles, and accessing other handy features. 


*Screen images simulated.**LG TV Remote usage is limited to certain features only.***WOW Interface Compatible TVs : OLED M4/G4/C4/B4/M3/G3/C3/B3/A3/Z2/G2/C2/CS/B2/A2, QNED 99/95/90/85/80/75, NANO 80/77/75, UHD UT90/UT80/UT73/UR/UQ. FHD 63 Compatible TVs may vary by year of release.****WOW Orchestra Compatible TVs: OLED M4/G4/C4/B4/Z3/M3/G3/C3/B3/A3/Z2/G2/C2/CS/B2/A2, QNED 99/95/90/85/80. Compatible TVs may vary by year of release. QNED 80 support limited to 2022 and 2023 models.*****Please note that services may not be available at the time of purchase. A network connection is required for updates.******WOW Interface may vary depending on soundbar model.


Feel the impact of an audio panorama


5.1ch Surround Sound

Captivating sound all around

Become part of the scene with 440W 5.1ch surround sound, a subwoofer, and rear speakers.


*Screen images simulated. 


2ch Rear Speakers

Rear speakers embrace wireless freedom

Install the Rear Speakers anywhere in your space without worrying about wires, thanks to the built-in Wireless Receiver.


*Screen images simulated. **Rear speakers are connected via wired cables.


Sound senses how you like to listen


AI Sound Pro

Every mood and genre sounds right

AI Sound Pro categorizes different sounds into effects, music, and voices, and then applies the ideal settings to create the optimal audio experience.





*Screen images simulated.


Clear sound for a clean planet


Recycled Inside

Internal parts made with recycled plastic

LG Soundbars use recycled plastic use on top and bottom parts. Proof we're taking a more eco-minded approach to soundbar production.


*Exact certifications may vary by soundbar model.**Screen images simulated.***Use of recycled plastic and certifications may vary by model.


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